Horoscope Scorpio May 2014

Sun in Taurus in the 7th

You might find your self organinzing your bedroom and living room at this time. The influence of Taurus is causing you to want to create a more comfortable and organized home, for those days off when you just want to relax.

Mercury in Gemini 8th

Are you feeling chatty? No surprise. Mercury is in Gemini in your 8th house of Inheritance and transformation. You may find your self having passionate discussions on things to do with spirituality or money. Try not to dominate the conversation.

Mars in Libra in the 12th

You have lots of extra energy to run errands now. Mars in your 12 house could mean signing up for a spirituality class such as yoga, or Astrology. You may feel like going to the book store to buy a book on Gaurdian Angels.

Venus in Aries in the 6th

As far as love goes, Venus is in Aries. This can represent an active social life. It could also mean meeting someone new while at your day job or while running errands.

Until next time Scropio. Good Luck and Take Care.


Libra Horoscope month may 2014


The sun is in your 8th solar house of intimacy, inheritance, and transformation. This is a great time to take that Psychic abilities class, or that course on investing your money. You have the mindset to understand these types of things at this time.

Mercury is in  your solar 9th house. You could find your self in a deep conversation about spirituality at this time. Be sure not to over talk as Mercury is not in Gemini….a very chatty zodiac sign.

If you are single dear Libra and looking, this is a great time to sign up on an online dating site or try speed dating. Venus is in your solar 7th house of love and marriage in Aries. Be sure to get out there and show them what you got. Try not show your aggressive side, keep in mind that you want to show them how gentle and caring you can be. Sometimes Aries can cause us to think of our selves…only. Just be aware.

Mars is in your first house. Your house of self-image. This is a great time to start a new exercise routine, or go hiking, or even to go shopping for a new wardrobe. The stars have your back when it comes to anything pertaining to your self image.

As far as money goes this month. Jupiter is still in your solar 10th house. This is a great time to expand  your career and take some risks. Jupiter the planet of luck is on your side.



Virgo horoscope month may 2014

Ego and Identity – sun, 9th house

Your Sun is in your solar 9th house this month Virgo. This signifies that you may be looking into spiritual activities or learning about a new Religion. This is a great time to enrol in a Yoga or Tai chi class.

Languages and Communication – mercury, 10 house

Your communication planet mercury is in your solar 10th house. You may have a speaking engagement on career goals, or becoming a leader in some way. All in all you are able to hold your own in this arena as mercury is in Gemini giving you communication “star” quality.

Love and Lovers – Venus in the 8th house

Venus in Aries in your solar 8th house could mean you find love while looking into ways to invest money, or self improvement activities. This is a great time to start going to the gym in hopes of meeting someone new, or visit the bank to learn about investment plans. This placement could also signify meeting someone new who is “well off.”

Energy and Sexiness – Mars, 2nd house

Mars is in your solar 2nd house this month, in Libra. Libra always gives mars some extra energy. This could mean you are putting in more hours at work or going shopping for some new home furniture. This is a great time to redecorate your home in side and outside. Try choosing a new color scheme for the outside of your home…something that will wow the neighbours.

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Leo Horoscope month May 2014

Love & Relationship (Venus, Aries 9th)

Venus is in ARies in your 9th Solar house. For those single and looking for love…you could find it while attending a yoga or astrology class. Try not to wear your heart on your sleeve.

Physical Energy (Mars, Libra 3rd)

Mars the planet of Energy is in your solar 3rd house. This may signify a time when you may be helping a sibling to move, or you may become more physically active. This is a great time to start a new exercise regiment, or join a dance class…could be a lot of fun.

Ego & Identity (Sun, Taurus 10th)

The sun is in Taurus in your 10th house. You may be focusing more seriously on career goals at this time. Try not to get so serious that you leave little room for fun. This is a great time to start that new business, or enroll in that community college course that you may have been thinking about.

Communication (Mercury, Gemini 11th)

Mercury is in Gemini in your 11th house of hopes dreams and wishes. You may find your self sharing your hopes and dreams with friends, or in  group setting at this time. This all fine and dandy, be aware not to over talk as this house and planet placement can mean talking and not allowing the other person to take their turn too.

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How to win the lottey

Visualize yourself winning!

Ok. So, I know many people dont believe in visualization. But I know for a fact it works. If you want something really bad, and you visualize yourself having it and there is no doubt in your heart it will be yours. Cynthia Stafford is a prime expample of this. She said she used visualization to win $112 M in the Lottery. No joke!!

Know when you are lucky!

Knowing when you are lucky is key to knowing when to buy lottery tickets. Doesnt that just make sense. As an Astrologer I can tell you there are times when every person is super lucky, and times when we are not. Just think about it. Did you ever experience a month or even 6 months when everything just went your way and you got exactly what you wanted in most situations. It feels good, like someone sprinkled luck dust on you.


“The Power of the Subconscious mind”

Read the book “The power of the Subconscious mind.” This book will changed the way you see your self and the way you use your subconscious mind. I read it and it made me beliveve that I was really creating my life with my thoughts. This book is golden in helping you to start believing you can create the life you want including winning the lottery. Cynthia Stafford read this book before she won $112 Million in the lottery in January 2007!


Astrology reading every 6 – 12 months

Having an Astrology reading can reveal to your upcoming “opportunites.” Astrology is a mathematical calculation of your stars and planets for any given time including the future. Astrology can reaveal opportune times for things such as meeting a long term love partner, Changing job, and yes even winning the lotter. I know this method works because there have been studies involving reading the astrology charts of lottery winners, and I can see “The big win” sitting right there in their chart!! Be sure to get an Astrology reading for the next 6 – 12 month and your astrologer can tell you when you are most lucky, and likely to win the lottery.

Quick Pick!

Some people like to choose their own numbers, which is fine. But I am firm believer in the quick pick. I believe that if you ask the universe to help you win the lottery, then you should let the universe pick your lottery numbers for you. I think the universe has an easier time helping you win when you go with quick pick. Just me. If  you believe in using your own personal luck numbers, Then order my lucky number Astrology Reading, it comes with your lucky months. Every body has 3  lucky months of the year, wouldnt you like to know when yours are?

Thanks for reading. Blessed. Good Luck!




Aries Horoscope month May (2014)

Hi Guys. My Blog is new. I have decided since I am an astrologer, it would be a good idea to put horoscopes on my blog. Something fun and unique. The first one I am putting up is for Aries for the month of may 2014. May is not here yet, but I figured if I start now then by the time the month of May gets here I will have all twelve zodiac signs done.

Dear Aries,

You have mars and Uranus both in your solar firs house of self, and self-image. This could signify the start of a new Identity aimed to snag a new lover, or a change to your self-image to make your self more attractive and sexy.

Sun in 2nd house in Taurus

Sun in Taurus may signify that at this time you identify your income and possessions as being an extension of your persona. You see the importance of maintain a steady income, and purchasing items that represent who you are and your personality.

Mercury in 3rd house Gemini

Currently you have mercury in our solar 3rd house. You are quite chatty right now. Be aware to allow the other person to take part in the conversation too.

Jupiter in the 4th house in Cancer

Jupiter the planet of luck, is in your house of home, and family. This is great time to adopt a new baby or to make a baby of your own the traditional way. This placement does not just signify family it also represents the home. This could mean putting a long-awaited extension on your home. Try to not to eat too much comfort food at this time.

Mars in Libra in the 6th house

For those who are single, this could mean a quick fling that fizzles out just as soon as it starts, For those in longer term relationships, this could be a time of taking the leadership role in your relationship.

moon in Scorpio in the 8th house

Be aware not to become too emotional at this time. If you feel your emotions are getting the best of you, its best to talk to someone like a shrink or a friend, whatever is more convenient for you. Dont let the obsessive feelings get the best of you.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 8th house

This is a generational effect so you may not really notice it. You may be undergoing a change concerning inheritance, or a personal transformation. Saturn may be teaching you how to be mature and to work slowly until all is are dotted and all ts are crossed.

Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th

This is also a Generational Effect.

However if you harness the power of Pluto you will come out on top with this astrology placement. Pluto is in your solar house of career. You may find your self stepping into your own power at this time. Taking methodical steps to Achieve career goals.

Thanks for reading Dear Aries, be sure to check back in the month of June.




Taurus Horoscope month of May (2014)

Love & Relationship

Venus is in your 12th Solar house this month Taurus. This show you may be unsure about a potential love mate or relationship. It may also signify that you are wavering in your feelings towards your love partner.

Uranus is also in the 12th house, this means you may be experiencing a roller coaster ride regarding your own inner feelings and judgements at this time. This planet will be in your 12th for a while.

Luck & Expansion

Jupiter the planet of luck is in your 3rd solar house in Cancer. Your Siblings may be having a new Baby, or you may be getting a new family member someway some how. If you are a writer, or involved in the business of short distance travel you could see an expansion in your business at this time.

Money & Career

Your Solar second house of money has mercury in it. This could indicate that money may be acquired by talking with someone very close to your like a brother or a sister, or by perhaps placing an ad in your local paper about your business. Venus is also one of the markers of money in astrology. Perhaps your money may be acquired at this time through helping others. Perhaps those who are in hospitals, prisons, or monastery.

As far as Career goes your solar 10th house remains unoccupied by planet at this time. But Saturn the “career” planet is in the 8th house of money and inheritance. This has to be a good thing. This could represent working harder and staying late at the office.

 Creativity  & Change (Online)

You may find yourself procrastinating in your creative pursuits this time. Uranus is in the house of the subconscious, which can cause us to be unsure about things, but can also give us flashes of genius. Because Uranus is in Aries this is a great time to try some creative pursuits independently, in case you have been thinking about doing so for some time. Online pursuits may bring out your hidden self. Be aware of getting involved in secret societies online. This part of your horoscope stays in effect until Uranus moves out of the 12 house. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Identity and Ego

The sun in in your first house dear Taurus. For you this is a time of feeling good and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You could experience some good fortune to do with self image, and your appearance at this time. Try not to develope an inflated ego. A great time to buy a new pair of shoes, or start a new health and fitness regime.


That is your horoscope for May 2014 Taurus. See you in June.

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Good luck.

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